Kentucky Life Coach Jobs and Career Training

Become a Life Coach and Enjoy the Ultimate Job in Kentucky

If you are new or advancing in the life coaching field, you are likely wondering what type of jobs and careers are available to you.  You may be surprised that over 95% of coaches are self-employed. The other 5% of KY life coaching jobs are performed in a corporate or human resources position.  Most life coache left their corporate jobs (either inside or outside of the coaching industry) to pursue more entrepreneurial careers.  Becoming a life coach gives you ultimate freedom for career diversity.  Your job can include one-on-one coaching, group coaching, phone coaching, online coaching, or even coaching at a retreat or destination location.  Many Kentucky life coaches take their job to the next level and write coaching books, 30-day life coach makeover programs, coaching videos, workbooks and downloadable coaching courses.

Choosing your life coaching education and certification to get your dream job in Kentucky

There is something that you need to know before you take the next logical step in your coaching career.  Your potential clients (and existing coaching clients), do not care about the name of the coaching school you attend, or the title you earn. They want YOU.  They like YOU. However, you MUST KNOW YOUR STUFF.  So, you need coach training programs that are effective, modern, accessible, easy-to-understand, and give you the SKILLS and APPLICATION that make you a world-class coach. Yes, your coach training should also be affordable.  The Spencer Institute for Life Coach Training gives you all of this and much more!  You are given over 10 life coach training and certification courses to custom design your coaching career. Learn which coach training program is best for your life coach job or career in Kentucky  >>>


Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, we enjoy life to the fullest, while, at other times, we tend to feel down. Now, if we don’t recover while we are feeling down with life, we tend to fall deeper and deeper into the abyss of loneliness, and this might perhaps lead to depression, or even, in the extreme, death. This is where Life Coaching comes in. It can be defined to be a profession which is immensely different from counselling, therapy, mentoring, and consulting.


It examines an individual’s personal project, success in business or profession, general conditions and transitions by divulging deep into the life of individual’s by analyzing what is happening in Kentucky, what are the challenges and obstacles being faced, and choosing a course of action which will help them make their life the way they want it to be.


At Kentucky Spencer Institute Life Strategies Coaching, they provide the missing link between coaching and a balance between the body and mind. The program provides practical advice regarding what is to be done, and psychotherapy, which is focused on discussing about the past. Neuro-linguistic skills and Hemispheric integration provides the foundation in regards to moving forward by overcoming challenges by the creation of a positive map towards success.


Encouraging individuals via positive affirmations and ‘feel good’ affirmations are quite good and all; however, these don’t provide the manner in which it can be done. At Spencer’s Institute, via the utilization of the Hemispheric Integration technique, they offer the structure and information regarding the tools required to maintain mind and body balance. The information which is provided by the program is based on research, not stories.


The Kentucky coaching programs of the institute are not just ‘talk therapy’ which reaches deep down into the past recesses of the personal history of the individual without comprehending the patterns. Life Strategies examine the present influences from the individual’s past, so that any hidden complications which might become a hurdle in the present and future success can be eliminated.


The Kentucky coaching programs of the Spencer’s Institute have proven to work countless times and various individuals have benefitted from the program also. The certified life coaches at the institutes do not depend on stories and other incorrect procedures to help an individual. They depend on research and proven facts to provide an individual with the necessary tools to face life’s challenges and create a clear path for their present and future success.

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